Are you there for your customers' micro moments?

The mobile has revolutionised the way we work and play.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you look around, people are on their phones or looking over the shoulder at someone else’s phone or their mobile is close by.  Information is only a search away.

Consumer behaviour on a mobile

Chances are if you are searching for a product or service on your mobile you are ready to take action.  Andy Ching, director of Bing has stated that ‘70% of mobile searches are followed up by a consumer action within an hour’, and that was back in 2011. 

When you think about the size of the screen on your mobile phone, it is a cumbersome way to seek information, so when people are searching for something they mean business.  Otherwise, many would wait until they were home to search on their tablets or laptops.

"Mobile is at the core of everything we're doing. If we can't make a story work on a 4-inch-by-2-inch screen, then it doesn't work, and it doesn't go further."
—Wendy Clark, President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing for Coca-Cola North America

What are micro moments?

Micro moments are these very moments that make us search on our mobile.  The moments when we are in trouble, hungry, need information, directions, be entertained, thirsty, buy, visit…

It is these customer moments, which your brand, products or services need to capture; you need to be right there at that moment.  The brands and businesses that are there for each of these moments will be the winners.

Think of your business’ micro moment as the turning point when your marketing doesn’t feel like advertising to your audience.

How to find your company’s micro moments

1. Be found where your audience is looking – mobiles allow us to act impulsively to take action to learn, inform, find, do, and buy.  It is important to be active in the keywords that your audience uses to search for products and services like yours.  For example, restaurants need to be a part of the ‘restaurants near me’ google search; a plumber needs to target his website in the suburbs he services, such as ‘plumber Sydney’.

2. Be relevant – when people search on their mobiles, their demand for high quality and applicable information is high, and their patience is low.  Unique copywriting over a range of topics will help build a platform that satisfies customers.

3. Address their needs – because these micro-moments are short, the businesses that do the best in addressing their needs will win.  What are the questions your audience wants answered when they find you?  Ensure you provide the answers to their questions, that your website is clear and easy to navigate for them to find the information.

4. Be quick – Optimise your website so it loads and reloads quickly.  There is nothing worse than waiting for a website to appear on the screen.  Remember, your audience is in a hurry.

Micro moment case studies

So, where to now?  Let’s have a look at how the big guys are doing micro moments.  You may not have their budgets but the case studies will help you get your creative juices going, so you can think about how you can apply micro moments to your marketing and content marketing.


Coffee near me – Dunkin’ Donuts ensures it is there in the moment for a coffee - they not only guide the user to their nearest Dunkin Donut but go one step further advising them what the wait time is!  How’s that for being in the moment?

Are you ready for your business’s micro moments mission or are you just annoying them with advertising?  Let’s work on your business’ micro moment map together so you can capture your target audience when they are ready to buy.


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