Imagine an online presence that helps your customers and target audience find you on the internet, and differentiates you from your competitors.  

Together, we can achieve this. 

All good web content must maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) so your website is ranked higher than your competitors' sites.  Before you start any content marketing strategy, your customers' keywords and SEO must be researched thoroughly so your audience can find you and your content can turn into sales.

Then together, we can work on any or all of the following:-

Website Copy

Creating interesting and quality content that your customers want to read, that solves their problems and answers all their questions they may have before they complete the sale/purchase/contact you, whatever you want them to do on your website.  

Relevant copy such as blogs, additional pages on your website and landing and location pages are a way to build up content, improve your SEO ranking and be seen as an information provider to your target audience.

Social Media

Social media for business doesn’t have to be complicated – a social media plan (which platform is best for your target audience? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…) and content that targets your audience, engages with them just the way they want.  Stay in front of your audience, so when they are ready to buy, you are there.

Youtube and Videos

Youtube and video is another medium to create interesting content to attract your target audience to your business.  Witty, informative, unusual, and amusing youtube videos can be used to showcase your company or your products.  This is a creative way for brand awareness, to reach a different target audience, or for training purposes.

Newsletter campaigns

Use that great database you have built up to good use.  Email campaigns, filled with useful information your customers want to know, is a great way to stay in contact with them.  It can be a way to upgrade, resell, notify of new deals or a general information dispatch to keep your brand fresh.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing campaigns can get you thinking about the direction and future your business wants to take and once devised, helps you quickly work out the content marketing that will be the most effective.  Taking into consideration, your products, services and target audience, we find the quickest, most effective way to find them.  Time and money is important, so you want it to work and with a good strategy behind you, it can.

Here are some ideas for you to build up your digital content - 


Researching keywords, devising interesting topics, and the regular publishing of blogs, adds content to your website and targets the information your audience is searching for.  Using social media tools, the blogs can be promoted to increase readership and traffic to the website.

Be an information source for your customers!



A landing page serves as an entry point into your website that your audience 'lands' on.  Using very specific keywords that your audience may use to search and writing content based around this and related keywords.

Landing pages are a great way to get an audience to your website using targeted keywords

Landing pages are a great way to get an audience to your website using targeted keywords


Being creative, having a sense of humour, being different from your competitors helps in providing compelling content that resonates with the reader and increases their user experience to convert to a sale.  

Unique and creative copywriting, informs the reader to improve the user experience

Unique and creative copywriting, informs the reader to improve the user experience