Let's talk blogs.

Blogging is an essential content creator for any business.  It is a platform to provide information to your audience, drive traffic to your website and keep it up to date.  A tool that shows your business as a leader in the industry.

Each blog you publish on your website or article you write for third party publications, you are creating content, links and Google rankings. Your blogs become a lasting, valuable asset to your business, one that appreciates over time. 

You or your employees may not have the writing skills, nor the resources to put towards blog writing - this may be the time for you to look at outsource blogging.

How I can help you?

1.    Blog writing service

As a regular service or as a one-off, I can write your blogs on chosen topics or source the topics myself with some research of keywords and your audience needs.  This will provide a regular stream of professional and relevant blogs for your website and take the pressure off you and your business.   I can provide a royalty free image as well so all you have to do is publish the blog.  I can also upload the completed blog directly onto your website.
Some examples of my blogs across a range of audiences and topics – 

Business to Consumer Blogs

Early Learning Centre blog

Plumbers blog

Business to Business Blogs

Accounting services blog

Sustainable packaging blog

Project Pages 


2.    Blog planning service
Creating your business blog plan provides a calendar of blog topics over a period of time, taking into consideration specific dates and topics that are relevant to your business/industry.  This will give you a great plan to work through so blog writing doesn’t become an arduous task.

3.    Blog Editing service

This service is where you write the blogs but you need a professional to edit them so they are publish perfect.

4.    Article writing service

I can also write articles for your LinkedIn profile or on other industry relevant media outlets or general media outlets.  This adds to your and your business' credibility, showcases you as being an expert in your field, draws trafiic to your website and expands your digital presence beyond your website.

Have a look at an article I was commissioned to ghostwrite for the American publisher, Medium. 

Now you may be thinking 'how can Liz write a blog about my industry, she knows nothing about?'  That’s the beauty of outsource blogging.  As a professional copywriter, I have keen research skills, and untold resources to get inside the head of your audience, to find the kinds of information they want to know, answer their burning questions and write it in a language they can relate to and understand.

Our blog writing service is designed to suit your business – in service and price.  So now there is no excuse.